fish from nets that have been caught on debris. When their injuries are serious, they are tossed out into the street to beg and fend for themselves.  They work under harsh conditions for twelve or more hours a day and are not provided with an education or sufficient food and rest. Ghana is one of the most peaceful countries in Africa but the future is at risk if the enslavement of children continues.

If so many Children are denied a proper education, they will not be able to move the country forward, may remain poor and unable to provide for themselves and their families in the future.
This is why Volta hope is providing a loving home for Ghanaian Orphans, Trafficked and Deserted children.  Our Children are educated and cared for to grow with physical health, mental ability, emotional stability, vocational skills, good citizenship, spiritual guidance and multicultural expertise.

Through their education and experiences, they can learn to be responsible adults who can both care for their own families and pay forward what they have learned to help others.

Our facility consists of 5 buildings. (see Gallery).

*In Building (1) has 5 dorm-type rooms to house the girls and the house mothers. The building also includes shower and toilet facilities.  

*Building (2) has 5 dorm-type rooms to house the boys and house mothers/fathers. The building also includes shower and toilet facilities.  

*Building (3) includes a central hall for gatherings (Worship, TV, games, etc), the kitchen and Dining.  

*Building (4) includes 6 classrooms where the Children will receive their instruction in English, culture, the arts, local and international vocational skills, etc. 
Attached to this building are dorm-type rooms for Volunteers with separate sections for men and women that include shower and toilet facilities.

​*Building (5) includes the Management Office, the Medical Clinic and a storage room.

A Guardhouse at the main entrance of the facility is provided for 24 hour Security.

Our home currently accommodate 26 Children, 3 Housemothers, 1 Housefather, 1 Cook, 1 School Bus Driver, 2 Security Guards and a General Manager that also cares for the Medical needs of the Children.

At full capacity, we can accommodate 200 Children. The actual location of Volta Hope Children’s Home is in the Hohoe District - Volta Region of Ghana.

Due to financial or other hardships, some parents in Ghana may sell their children for as little as $50 or may send their children to live with relatives with the hope/promise that they will learn a trade and have a better life.  However, the reality is that these children end up being exploited and enslaved.

 In Ghana, one in every six children aged six to fourteen are involved in child labor of the worst form of on cocoa farms and                                    in fishing on the Volta Lake.  Hundreds of 
children are seriously injured while using machetes, carrying                                      heavy loads, and diving to remove

What We’re Doing