Volta Hope Children’s Home
P.O. Box 715
Hohoe, Volta Region  
Ghana West Africa

Telephone: +233 244 66 3546 



How to Find Us

Volta Hope, Inc. (U.S. Headquarters)

26 Cobblestone Terrace

Montville, NJ  07045 us

Telephone:  +1.(973) 257-0475

Email:  vh@voltahope.com


Volunteer opportunities exist to work with the children and the local community (Social Work) in many ways. We are in urgent need of volunteers who are willing to help. No special qualifications are required, just goodwill, an open mind, energy and the desire to make a change in the life of a child or the community at large.
Come... you are needed and will be welcome. Together let's hold a child’s hand and show them that you care.
Come and see their smile and feel their love...


#TEACHING: Foreign Languages, music, sewing, carving, lapidary, cooking, arts and crafts,

sports etc.

These activities take place at the home. 

#CHILDREN'S HOME MANAGEMENT: Observe the daily activities of the Home to include:  childcare, teaching, management of the Staff, Volunteers and Interns for your own development and/or the opportunity to share new techniques and skills.

#INTERNSHIPS :  (For Students engaged in Colleges/Universities studying:  Teaching, Social Work, Medicine/Healthcare and Professionals in these Fields of Employment):  This is an opportunity for Students to gain "hands-on" experience in their field of Study that will be valuable upon Graduation to include on their Resume/Curriculum Vitae.

  • We offer Internship positions to anyone who is willing or interested in applying for a particular project in order to build upon their knowledge or provide research for their University Thesis or entrance.

  • Interns are giving the opportunity to work with local schools (Public, Private or Special Needs), or with local Health Centers and/or  Hospitals in the Alavanyo Community and and neighboring Communities.   Arrangements are already in place for this program. 

  • This is an excellent opportunity to explore the Volta Region to gain an understanding of the socio-cultural diversities. 

# PROFESSIONAL PHYSICIANS, HEALTHCARE PROVIDERS, TEACHERS, ETC.:  Share your knowledge, skills and expertise to a Community in need;  help to initiate improvements by introducing best practices that will benefit the Community.


  • We provide orientations and workshops for Interns and Volunteers to familiarize them with the local culture, language, their work and guidance on their projects.

  • Separate Volunteer Dormitory Rooms and Toilet/Facilities have been designated within the compound for Interns and Volunteers during their stay.

  • The duration of Volunteer Visits is very flexible.

  • Note:  Interns/Volunteers will pay a nominal fee for the costs related to their lodging, food, transportation and touring during their stay. 


Please use the form below to contact us with any questions and/or clarification